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Chat2U (via Bluetooth)

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File Type: jar
Name: Chat2U (via Bluetooth)
Uploader: admin
Download count: 115
Size: 51.42 KB
Description: The file has been updated to a new version. Please be sure to update to this. The following network features are supported: 1) System is able to recognise a device accidently leaving the network, e.g. from moving out of range or battery dying. 2) If a device has application started and moves within range of a chat network, the discovery should automatically connect to the other devices. It will check every 3 minutes. 3) The system is able to with stand interuptions, e.g. from incoming calls, and should be able to receive all messages on resume. The application features that are already incorporated: 1) user names and icons 2) view list of all users currently in chat network 3) edit username and icon from `user settings` 4) scrolling feature on chat screen 5) manually change number of lines on screen from `application settings` IMPORTANT NOTICES: 1) PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR BLUETOOTH IS ENABLED BEFORE RUNNING THE APPLICATION!

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Size: 51.42 KB

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